iHappiness internationalは海外の魅力ある“面白い”製品を、日本の皆様が手に取ってご満足いただけるよう努めてまいります。

iHappiness international will make efforts to provide the attractive and interesting products that make Japanese people enjoy and satisfied with from overseas.


Business policy


With the idea of “creating products that realize the happiness of our customers”, we will propose various items that can be used daily. The word “iHappiness”, which is also our company name, has the meaning of loving our customers from bottom of our hearts with the image of love and happiness. Based on these thoughts, we create new value in this intense technological innovation era and focus on contributions to society using them first. I would like to devote myself without forgetting my passion and beliefs. We look forward to your continued patronage.





Importing good overseas products to Japan
We travel to overseas trade fairs, negotiate directly with manufactures, and import products that have not been sold in Japan. Same as there are many good products in Japan, there are so many good products around the world. Among them, we will select advanced products and interesting products and deliver to everyone in Japan.



Sales channels
We will develop sales channels to reach as many people as possible through wholesale to volume retailers, collaboration with Japanese manufactures, online sales at EC sites such as Amazon and Yahoo Shopping.

Efforts for SDGs


We support sustainable products that make social environment and system work well and keep our future prosperous and happy.



Utilizing crowdfunding
We are actively using crowdfunding which has been getting more and more attentions in Japan.
Also as it has a big promotion effect, it is very effective for test marketing. Moreover, as it is very effective for branding and media development, it enhances the product originality.

We are the team


We are part of a team. Mr. Otake, the leader of this team, is the leading crowdfunding expert in Japan. He has done more than 500 crowdfunding projects with a total of more than 1 billion yen in support.
We work as a team, and we all support each other.
Please take a look at our achievements.


Lines of business

Chiselled bags&Wallets


We sell bags and wallets with beautiful patterns carved by hand using various kinds of special tools such as chisels and carving knives on the surface of natural leather. It is the crystallization of outstanding craftsmanship that is hand-finished by Mexican craftsmen one by one.


We will exhibit at "The 93rd Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2022", which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from February 8 (Tue) to 10 (Thu), 2022.

Cat Grooming Bag


A net that prevents cats from going wild when shampooing or cutting nails.

Protect both cats and their owners.

Now not available due to COVID-19

UV LED Nail Lamp


UV light that harden women's gel nails.

Now not available due to COVID-19


Company Profile

会社名(Company Name)iHappiness international
代表(Director)大野 繁  Shigeru Ono
設立(Foundation)平成28年1月 January 2016
事業内容(Business)小売業・輸入業・販売代理業(Retail business/ Importer/ Distributor)
所在地(Address)〒451-0023 愛知県名古屋市西区城北町2-36 2-36 Johoku-cho, nishi-ku, Nagoya-city, aichi-pref. ZIP 451-0023 JAPAN
Director Cell Phone090-9176-0429    from out side of Japan +81-90-9176-0429